6 Steps to Excellent E-Discovery in Product Liability Litigation

News – Comprehensive coverage in Insidecounsel Mar 14: With each product, there is science, development, testing, patents and prior art, marketing and sales data—all of which will be relevant to all plaintiffs. (more…)

Mylan Settles with Genentech and Roche on Herceptin

Pharmpro Mar 14: Mylan N.V. on Monday announced that Mylan has agreed to the terms of a global settlement with Genentech, Inc. and F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. in relation to patents for Herceptin, which provides Mylan with global licenses for… (more…)

Silicon Valley Judge Freeman Developing Brand Name for IP Trials

LAW has a long article Mar 13: Familiar names dominate Lex Machina’s list of federal judges who decided the most patent cases on the merits in 2016: J. Rodney Gilstrap of the Eastern District of Texas, Delaware Chief Judge… (more…)

DLA sees revenue fall after post-Brexit currency slump while PEP rises to record high

Long article from Legalweek Mar 13: The firm’s US business was “strong across the board” in 2016, Rains added – with the exception of general business litigation, which he said has become “very rate constrained” and was “an area of weakness from… (more…)

Corporate Procurement is Increasingly Leveraging Data & Technology in Selecting Outside Counsel

Lengthy story in Insidecounsel Mar 10: Amanda G. Ciccatelli is a Contributing Writer for InsideCounsel, where she covers intellectual property, patent litigation, cybersecurity, innovation, and more. (more…)

Commentary: Why I Decided To Become A German Citizen After Brexit

Radio Krcb Mar 7: Yes, since the country hosted the soccer World Cup in 2006,… (more…)

Albert Einstein: Father of General Relativity

Thoughtco Mar 6: Einstein worked from 1902 to 1909 as a technical expert at the patent office. (more…)

IP’s Connection to Social Media Remains Hot

Insidecounsel Feb 24: Her practice involves copyright, trademark, false advertising, patent, Internet, and trade secrets law, as well as defamation, the right of publicity, privacy, complex contract disputes. (more…)

Microsoft's Cloud IP Protection: A Solution Without a 'Patent Troll' Problem?

Insidecounsel Feb 24: Known as the Azure IP Advantage, the program makes 10,000 patents available to Microsoft customers who use its Azure cloud platform and expands Microsoft’s indemnification program to cover its open source cloud software. (more…)

CHMP Recommends EU Conditional Marketing Authorisation for Natpar® (Parathyroid Hormone) for Patients with Chronic Hypoparathyroidism

Long article from Medindia Feb 24: …including competition from generics; adverse outcomes in legal matters, tax audits and other disputes, including Shire’s ability to enforce and defend patents and other… currency exchange is also int this story. (archive) (more…)

Alphabet accuses Uber of stealing self-driving car technology

Nypost Feb 24: Waymo’s lawsuit said it learned of this use of trade secrets and patent infringement after it was inadvertently copied on an email from a component vendor that included a design of Uber’s LiDAR circuit board, which bore a “striking… Also in this article: Google (archive) (more…)

It’s a Good Idea to Actually Own the Patents you Sue on

Patentlyo Feb 24: Bobbie Bowden, the named inventor on the ’142 Patent assigned the patent to Wildcat Services, L.P., on October 9, 2001. Wildcat Services, L.P. assigned the ’142 Patent to MD/Totco, a Division of Varco, L.P., on June 30, 2004. (more…)

Acacia alumni NPE acquires Chinese patents amid growing enthusiasm about country’s licensing prospects 24 Feb 17

Iam-Media Feb 24: Longhorn IP announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary Ox Mobile Technologies LLC has acquired a portfolio of patents from a major Chinese telecom equipment and smartphone manufacturer. USPTO is also mentioned (archive) (more…)

Fitbit, Inc. v. AliphCom

Patentdocs has a long article Feb 24: Software Patent Directed to Pairing Activity Trackers to a Device Considered Patent-Eligible……they focus on a fundamental building block of today’s internet (illustration: Data Corp Technology)-based society –… (more…)