Updated and relevant news on your web pages is an excellent way to make sure more visitors return to your site.

News sites that are frequently updated with relevant news will receive a higher number of returning visitors.

Visitors and customers are returning to web sites that are regularly updated, and more returning visitors means that your site will be ranked higher by search engines. Focus on your own unique content and let us help keeping your visitors updated on other relevant news.

Turn your web site into a ‘one stop shop’ for news updates

Many newspapers and magazines offer RSS feed that you can add to your site. But most people will go directly to these news sites unless you can provide the added value of a complete overview of the topic you want to cover. Therefore, Scanmine is monitoring thousands of relevant sites in search for news that might be relevant for your visitors so that you can provide the most comprehensive news update for your industry on your own web site.

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This is how it works

It only takes a couple of minutes to add continuously updated news to your web site. Your publishing tool can import an RSS news feed that is automatically updated with new stories.

Scanmine is listening to the buzz from thousands of news sources around the world that are producing huge volumes of news articles every day.

Based on your description your topic, we then analyze the incoming content and zoom in on articles that might be of interest to you.

Once a new article has been considered relevant, we add additional information, illustrations and even videos and deliver it in line with your layout, design and policies.